Personal Training

Grove City

At Wise Strength & Fitness Center in Grove City, you will find a selection of educated, motivating independent and on staff trainers. Our personal trainers can provide sport specific training for athletes and customized, individual plans for all ages and abilities. Our standard rate is $40.00 per hour.

Contact our personal trainers and coaches to hear about any special offers and package deals!

Wise Strength & Fitness Center Approved Personal Trainers

Tommy Wise (Student Athlete Performance Training)

Paula Renninger (Personal Training/Nutrition)

Rosann Cunningham (Personal Training/Group Instruction/Nutrition)

Brandon Wise (Student Athlete Distance Running Instruction)

Steph Croll (Personal Training)

Taylor O’Neil (Personal Training/Health Coaching)


As a client of Wise Sports Performance Training, you will be taken through an intensive program focusing on reaching your own personal goals and bringing out your optimal performance level. We work with you to focus on improving your strength, speed, and technique by utilizing evidence-based training practices and attention to detail.  Each program at our new Slippery Rock clinic will be developed by Adam, our licensed Athletic Trainer and supervised by a licensed Physical Therapist to ensure that your goals are achieved as efficiently and effectively as possible. At Wise Sports Performance, we take pride in helping our athletes reach their full potential in all areas of competition. We don’t only get you moving, we get you moving wisely.

Rosann Cunningham (Personal Training/Group Instruction/Nutrition)
Steph Croll (Personal Training)